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Married with Children Costumes

Married With Children was one of the greatest sitcoms to come out of the 80's. It was one of the first TV shows to bring crude humor to prime time, with characters just lovable and goofy enough to keep us laughing. Of all the running gags they had on the show, Al's High School Football Career and his No Ma'am group were some of the funniest. Well, now you can support Al even more than ever before by wearing his football jersey or becoming a part of No Ma'am! We've got the costumes to make it possible. Heck, we've even got an entire Peggy costume for the ladies!

Married with Children Polk High 33 Football T-shirt
Married with Children NO MA'AM T-shirt
Married with Children Polk High 33 Officially Licensed Football Jersey
Peggy Bundy Trailer Park Trophy Wife Auburn Wig

Before Fox had The Simpsons, and other cartoons of that kind, it had the live-action sitcom Married with Children to show us just how cartoonish, low-brow, funny and yet endearing blue collar family life really is. Looking back on it now, this show put some pretty talented people on the map. The Bundy family includes Christina Applegate, Modern Family's Ed O'Neill and Futurama's Katey Sagal. So find your recording of Frank Sinatra's "Love and Marriage", put on your Peggy wig, or any other one of our Married with Children costumes, and go back to a time when hearing a toilet flush was the edgiest thing a sitcom could do.