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Big Trouble In Little China Jack Burton

You know that awesome tank top that Jack Burton wore in Big Trouble in Little China? Haven't you always wanted to own a badass shirt like that? Well, now you can. You can look just like Jack Burton in this awesome tank top! Sadly, we can't provide the chiseled abs, cocky attitude or awesome haircut to go with it. You'll just have to get those on your own.

Big Trouble Little China Fu Manchu White Men's Tank Top
Big Trouble in Little China Costume Wig

Big Trouble in Little China is a bizarre yet awesome movie about an American truck driver, played by an American star Kurt Russell, taking on gangs and sorcerers all in San Francisco's Chinatown. That last part, the fact that out of nowhere there is magic in this movie, is probably its most awesome yet bizarre aspect and it's all thanks to its villain, the evil and mystical Lo Pan. Lo Pan himself is a homage to the classic, ancient, educated and Asian super villain, Dr. Fu Manchu. Perhaps you have heard of his trademark mustache? In any case, why not take a look at our Fu Manchu Tank Top?