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Game of Death Costume

Bruce Lee is a name that all Martial Arts fans know by heart. He was one of the most influential and dangerous men to ever don a yellow jumpsuit. Now you can get that jumpsuit for yourself! Mimicked in movies like Kill Bill and adored the world over by film lovers, Bruce Lee's suit in Game of Death was definitely pretty awesome. You can find it and other Bruce Lee merchandise here on our site, so feel free take a look at our selection. Don't forget that you should always look stylin' if you're planning to do some Martial Arts!

Game of Death Kill Bill Bruce Lee Costume

At a glance it would seem that Game of Death is just one of the many kung-fu flicks starring the late martial arts superstar Bruce Lee. Retired fighter goes up against underworld thugs. However, it is actually the result of the hours of footage Lee shot to demonstrate his new fighting style and life philosophy "Jeet Kune Do" or "Way of the Intercepting Fist." The style argues that in any real combat situation no fighter can truly predict the moves of their opponent so the key to victory is through swift reaction. In Game of Death, Lee lets the style speak for itself. Wearing one of these Game of Death shirts or Bruce Lee costume jumpsuits won't make you a Jeet Kune Do master but it will serve as a tribute to a legend.