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Saved By the Bell Costumes

The early 90's brought us plenty of memorable television, but one of the most unforgettable shows of the era was Saved by the Bell. Whether you always envied Zack's mobile phone or you just thought Kelly was kind of hot, the show had something for just about everybody. It was corny as hell, but we all loved it for just that reason. If you've ever wanted to show off your Bayside pride, we've got everything you need to make it happen. We've even got Slater's classic hairstyle!

Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Bayside Tigers Off the Shoulder Gray Juniors Sweatshirt
Saved By The Bell Bayside Tigers Logo Heather Gray Men's Tank Top
Saved By the Bell Bayside Tigers Adult Gold T-shirt
Saved By the Bell Bayside Tigers Circle T-shirt Maroon
Saved By the Bell Bayside Cheerleading Juniors Tee
Saved By the Bell Maroon Bayside Tigers Swoosh T-shirt
Saved By the Bell 1989 Bayside Invitational T-shirt
Saved By the Bell Bayside Tigers T-shirt Gray
High School Gym Wrestling Team Wrestler Uniform Costume Singlet & Wig
90's Saved by the Stud Costume Bayside Jacket & Wig
90's Sitcom Stud Costume Wig
Saved By The Bell AC Slater #6 Bayside Tigers Costume Football Jersey
Saved by the Bell AC Slater Costume Wig

One of the reasons Saved by the Bell worked so well was because the adventures of the students at Bayside had elements many could relate to. We all had classes to trudge through, faculty to deal with and friends like Screech whose lives took depressing turns. So in that way, everyone is kind of a Bayside Tiger. Why not show it by getting one of our Saved by the Bell costumes. They are perfect for the college years as well as for the new class. We have Screech wigs too, but we don't recommend looking up what he's been up to these days.