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Hulk Hogan Costume

What are you gonna do when the Hulkamania runs wild on you? Well, not to worry. We've got just the costume for the job. If you always wanted to be just like Hulk Hogan, we've got the shirts, bandanas and the sunglasses you need to pull off the look. We can't pull off those insane moves for you, but at least you'll look the part!

Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Complete Costume Set
nWo New World Order Hollywood Hogan Complete Costume Set
Hulkamania Sleeveless Shirt
Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Sleeveless Red T-shirt
Hulkamania Red/Gold Bandana
New World Order Wrestling Black Mens Sleeveless T-shirt
Hulkamania Hollywood Black Bandana
Red Feather Boa
Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Wrestling Maniac Costume Wig
All Colors Wrestling Briefs Shorts
Blonde Moustache
Wrestling Legging Costume Tights
Gold / Yellow Terry Wristband
Hulk Hogan Hulkamania Sunglasses
Pro Wrestling Costume Men's Boots

First there was Beatlemania. Then, there was Hulkamania, brother. Hulk Hogan is and will always be one of the most visible icons of the glitzy, glamorous, oiled and muscular era of 1980s pro wrestling. Sure these days it seems like more often than not we see him dealing with his daughter on reality TV rather than body slamming wrestling heels but don't let that bring down your spirits. If anything it should make you want to relive the Hulkster's glory days with our Hulk Hogan costumes. Just remember that as far as we are all concerned, it's Hulk Hogan, not Terry Gene Bollea.