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I bet you always thought it would be awesome to work in an Amusement Park. Well, you were wrong. Adventureland tells us all the truth about the terrible world of providing amusement to the masses. If you've ever been in a workplace like that, chances are you loved this movie. Now you can show off your love for Adventureland by wearing one of those awesome employee shirts that everyone gets! Sadly, it might have to come out of your paycheck. Still, it is pretty stylin', isn't it?

Amusement Park Rides Rides Rides Washed Red Juniors T-shirt
Amusement Park Games Games Games Light Blue T-shirt

Adventureland is everyone's favorite coming of age comedy, set in an amusement park, starring an awkward Jesse Eisenberg that has a title ending in -land but doesn't feature zombies. Eisenberg stars as a recent college graduate who finds himself in need of a summer job when his parents won't pay for his Columbia graduate school bills. He's also a virgin trying to save himself for someone he loves. It seems the answers to both his problems can be solved by working at a Pittsburgh amusement park where he meets Kristen Stewart whom you may unfortunately remember from Twilight. If you are a fan of this quaint tribute to 80s young adulthood, take a look at these shirts