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Beetlejuice T Shirts and Merchandise

He's the Ghost with the Most, and he's always ready to cause havoc. All you've got to do is say his name three times, and it's showtime! Beetlejuice is one of the most memorable films of the 80's, and it's no wonder with his list of qualifications: He attended Juliard, he's a graduate of the Harvard Business School, has traveled extensively, lived through the Black Plague, seen The Exorcist about 167 times and he's a dead guy. What do you think? Do you think he's qualified to be on your shirt? Of course he is! Thankfully, we've got a nice selection of Beetlejuice t-shirts for all you fans of the undead. Who knows? Maybe they'll even help you scare away some deadbeats like the Deetz's!

    Directed by the enigmatic Tim Burton, Beetlejuice is a much celebrated film of the 80's which offers up a healthy dose of dark humor that even families can enjoy. Starring Michael Keaton as the main character, this movie also helped to launch the career of Winona Ryder, who was still a rather unknown child actress at the time. With an unforgettable score composed by Danny Elfman, it's no wonder that this film is still popular to this very day. If you're a fan of this ghost with the most, why not check out some of our Beetlejuice t-shirts? Go ahead...make his millenium!

    Beetle Juice Logo Black T-shirt
    Beetlejuice Sitting on House Image Adult Black T-Shirt
    Beetlejuice Here Lies Betelgeuse Charcoal T-shirt
    Beetlejuice All-Over Print Mint Green Juniors T-shirt
    Beetlejuice Framed Black Juniors T-shirt Tee
    Beetlejuice Sitting on House Black and White Image Juniors Black T-Shirt

    It's showtime! You won't have to say his name three times to make these officially licensed "Beetlejuice" t-shirts appear... just place an order with TV Store Online! We've got the best selection of Ghost With the Most tees on the Web.

      “Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!” If the movie didn’t creep you out and you’re still searching for more, browse through our selection of classic Beetlejuice shirts and keep the Maitland ghosts alive.