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Big Trouble In Little China

This movie is a favorite among geeks everywhere. Big Trouble in Little China is just about one of the craziest films ever made. With special effects that made us laugh and a storyline that seemed to come straight out of a B-movie, this one quickly became a cult classic. Can you name one person who doesn't like Big Trouble in Little China? Well then obviously they haven't seen it. If you're a fan, check out some of our t-shirts today! You might just find something you can't live without.

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Big Trouble in Little China Costume Wig

Big Trouble in Little China Costumes

Big Trouble in Little China is a bizarre yet awesome movie about an American truck driver, played by an American star Kurt Russell, taking on gangs and sorcerers all in San Francisco's Chinatown. That last part, the fact that out of nowhere there is magic in this movie, is probably its most awesome yet bizarre aspect and it's all thanks to its villain, the evil and mystical Lo Pan. Lo Pan himself is a homage to the classic, ancient, educated and Asian super villain, Dr. Fu Manchu. Perhaps you have heard of his trademark mustache? In any case, why not take a look at our Fu Manchu Tank Top?

Remember the movie: Big Trouble in Little China? Kurt Russel starred as Jack Burton who was a truck driver. He wasn't just any truck driver though, he had a mullet and the attitude to go with it. His chiseled abs were displayed under the Fu Manchu tank top he wore.

As Jack Burton, Kurt drove in the Chinatown area of San Francisco. While on the job he came across the usual street gangs and thugs but there was one thing that he encountered in Chinatown that is really what made the movie the cult classic that it is. There was a sorcerer named Lo Pan. Lo Pan was modeled after the ancient super villain in Asia – Fu Manchu.

Jack Burton Tank Top Costume

If you are one of the people who loved this 80’s movie then it might interest you to know that you can now own the famous Jack Burton tank top. It comes in white and features a picture of Fu Manchu on the front of it…just like the one Kurt Russell wore in the movie.

No costume is complete though without accessories. The Jack Burton tank top is no exception. Whether you are going to wear your shirt to a costume party, for Halloween or just on a whim, you will need to get the Jack Burton mullet wig to top it off. With the mullet wig and the tank top costume, you will be able to pass for Jack Burton and be the life of any party.