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Bruce Lee’s groundbreaking achievements in martial arts, film, fitness, and fashion made him a global icon. Borrow the Dragon’s style with TV Store Online’s amazing selection of Bruce Lee t-shirts! Put one on, and you’ll be doing one-finger pushups in no time.

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Game of Death Kill Bill Bruce Lee Costume

Bruce Lee & Kill Bill Yellow Costume

Bruce Lee Costume

Even now, years after his death, there are many die hard Bruce Lee fans. His grace and style have proven to be alive and well long after his demise. Bruce was in the process of making a film when he died. The name of that film was Game of Death. In that film, he was to have worn a yellow jumpsuit. Quentin Tarantino fans may well recognize this jumpsuit as it was the costume for The Bride in the Kill Bill series of films.

Wouldn't it be great to go out to a costume party somewhere in this very jumpsuit? You can choose to go either as Bruce Lee or The Bride. No matter which one you choose to emulate, you will turn heads where ever you go.

This costume consists of a one piece yellow jumpsuit with a black stripe running down both sides. It is made from polyester and does have a bit of stretch to it. The zipper runs down the back so if you are not too flexible you might want to get a helping hand.

In addition to this Bruce Lee/Kill Bill costume, there are many Bruce Lee themed T-shirts that are available. You can even get a Bruce Lee T-shirt with a picture of Bruce Lee wearing the yellow jumpsuit on it. In all actuality, there are quite a few to choose from including a color block one, one with the vintage Bruce Lee pose and more.

You have no excuses, the choices are here so go ahead and place your order!