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Cry Baby Shirts and Merchandise featuring Johnny Depp

Celebrate John Water’s cult-classic musical with TV Store Online’s heartbreaking selection of “Cry-Baby” t-shirts! Johnny Depp never looked sexier than in this unforgettable film. Your friends’ eyes will well up with tears of jealousy when they see you wearing one of our gorgeous “Cry-Baby” tees.

Cry Baby Junior's Tattoo T-shirt
Cry-Baby Jonny Depp Girls Want Him Juniors Tee
Cry-Baby Please Mr. Jailer White Juniors/Ladies T-shirt

Remember when your mom told you to stop crying and suck it up? Lucky for Wade Walker, he didn’t listen. As the star of Cry-Baby, a 1990 musical film, Wade wooed all the girls by shedding a tear at exactly the right moment. Who knew a few waterworks could help a film achieve cult classic status? TV Store Online has a great collection of Cry-Baby shirts to honor the trials of young love.