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“Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” is a 2004 comedy film about a group of friends who enter a dodgeball tournament so they can win money to prevent Average Joe’s Gym from being bought out by the evil Globo-Gym. TV Store Online has a variety of Dodgeball t-shirts perfect for all comedy fans, no matter your fitness level!

Dodgeball Average Joe's T-shirt
Dodgeball Globo Gym Purple Cobras T-shirt
Dodgeball Globo Gym Purple Cobras Adult Costume Performance Shirt
Dodgeball Purple Cobra Chest Plate Adult Performance Shirt
Dodgeball Average Joe's Costume Jersey Set
Gym Work Wrestler Uniform Costume Singlet & Inflatable Crotch

Dodgeball Costumes

If you have never seen Dodgeball then you must see it now. This movie tells the story of a small gym owner and some of his regular patrons who band together to try to stop a takeover by a larger gym. The small gym owner is played by Vince Vaughn while the larger gym owner is played by Ben Stiller.

As the smaller gym tries to raise money to keep the gym, they enter a Dodgeball competition where they will ultimately play against Stiller’s gym: Globo Gym. Vince Vaughn’s team – the Average Joes, are the underdogs from the start and it seems as if everything that can go wrong for them does...including them getting the wrong uniforms...hilarious ones, but wrong nonetheless.

Costume Options

Whether you are a fan of the Average Joe's or of the Globo Gym Purple Cobras, you can support their team when you wear the costumes portraying them.

The Average Joes t-shirt is yellow and has Average Joes emblazoned across the front of it in red. You can also get the complete Average Joes costume jersey set which includes the Average Joes jersey and the shorts to match.

As far as Globo Gym and the Purple Cobras go, you might opt for the Purple Cobras t-shirt which is black and has the Purple Cobras emblem on the front of it in purple. Also, for Globo Gym fans is the wrestler singlet costume that comes complete with the inflatable crotch that Ben Stiller so proudly displayed throughout the entire movie.

Show your team spirit with these Dodgeball costumes and be the life of any party!