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Jackie Moon & Semi-Pro

Looking for the perfect costume to wrestle a bear in? Look no further! TV Store Online has a groovy selection of “Semi-Pro” costumes to make you look exactly like Will Ferrell’s unforgettable character, Jackie Moon. The Flint Tropics may not have made it into the NBA, but you can keep their legend alive with this officially licensed apparel.

Semi-Pro Flint Tropics 33 Jackie Moon White T-Shirt
Flint Tropics Semi Pro Jackie Moon Basketball Uniform Costume
Semi-Pro Flint Tropics Warm Up Suit Adult Costume
Flint Tropics Semi-pro Jackie Moon Tube Socks
Flint Tropics Semi-pro Jackie Moon Headband & Wristbands
Flint Tropics Semi-pro Jackie Moon Wig With Headband

Semi-Pro/Jackie Moon Costumes and Shirts

These Semi-Pro costumes are perfect for costume parties, basketball games, or just to use as an excuse to sing ""Love Me Sexy"" at the top of your lungs (which is not recommended at work nor around children).

For all those die-hard Will Ferrell fans out there looking for a costume for Halloween, why not try one of these costumes from the movie Semi-Pro? For those unfamiliar with the movie, it was released in 2008 and starred Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon. Jackie was a one hit wonder in the music world and decided to branch out in his endeavors and bought a basketball team that was in the American Basketball Association. He didn't just want to own the team though, he also coached and played the starting power forward.

There came a chance for four teams to make it to the NBA and Jackie’s team was of course the underdogs. They did all sorts of things to be able to make it to the big time including one scene where Jackie wrestled a bear. The bear does make another appearance in the end of the movie, but this time the bear comes out on top.

Of course there are all types of sub-plots and the comedy that you would expect from Will Ferrell is there as well.

Semi-Pro/Jackie Moon Costume Options

As far as costumes for this movie go, you can start out with a Flint Tropics number 33 Jackie Moon t-shirt. If that isn't enough you can get the basketball uniform costume and the knee socks to go with it. There is also the complete warm-up suit for those who may be in cooler climes.

You know that no Jackie Moon costume is complete without the headband, wristbands and wig and those are also available. You will have to supply the on court skills and comedic relief yourself though. So gran one of these Semi-Pro costumes and get your game on!