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The Goonies T Shirts and Merchandise

The Goonies never say die, and neither do you! Everyone else may have forgotten about this awesome movie, but we still remember it well. We will always remember Mikey, Brand, Mouth, Chunk, Data, Sloth and all the others. Who can resist the tale of One-Eyed Willie and his long lost treasure? If you're a fan of this 80's classic, show it off in style with our excellent selection of Goonies t-shirts! Whether you want to do the truffle shuffle or look like Sloth, we've got all the Goonies merchandise you'll need to pull off the perfect retro look. So what are you waiting for, a treasure map? No need. You've already found the booty right here at TVStoreOnline!

    Set in the small coastal town of Astoria, Oregon, The Goonies touched the hearts of millions of children growing up in the 1980's. Directed by Richard Donner and written by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, it's no wonder that this movie became such a hit at the box office. Starring the likes of Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and Corey Feldman, this movie helped to launch the career of many a child actor. With a catchy theme song provided by Cyndi Lauper, how could anyone deny the charm of this movie? Hey you guys! If you want to be a Goonie, you should probably look like one. Thankfully, that's no problem with our awesome selection of Goonies t-shirts and merchandise

    The Goonies Truffle Shuffle Adult Blue T-shirt
    The Goonies Never Say Die Swords Tee
    The Goonies Gray Logo Charcoal T-Shirt
    The Goonies Data Costume Military Green Adult T-Shirt
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    The Goonies Never Say Die Simple Skull Black T-shirt
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    The Goonies Captain's Wheel Charcoal Juniors T-shirt Tee
    The Goonies Never Say Die Red Juniors T-shirt
    The Goonies Sloth Mask
    Goonies Forever Black and White Beanie Hat

    The Goonies Sloth Costume

    The Goonies was one of the best feel good movies of the 80’s. The story is about a bunch of kids who band together and call themselves the Goonies. Two of the kids, Brandon and Mikey Walsh are in desperate need of money so that they can help save their home from being demolished to make a golf course. They find a treasure map that supposedly leads to the site where the dread pirate “One-Eyed Willy” stashed his booty.

    The kids decide to search for it only to find that it is under the house of the evil Fratelli family. One of the Fratelli family – Sloth – is horribly disfigured and scares the kids at first but then becomes friends with them and helps them on their quest.

    Goonies Costume: Get your Sloth On!

    Now you can get a sloth costume and be just as horribly disfigured as he was. In the movie he wore a blue Superman t-shirt just like the one you see above. On top of that he wore red suspenders. The Sloth mask is an incredible likeness of the one from the actual movie.

    When you put all three of these items together, you can turn into the loveable Sloth and be the hit of any costume party. These items also make a great costume for 80’s themed parties as everyone from that era will recognize Sloth when they see him.

    This sloth costume is a great addition to any costume collection and who knows – when your kids see this costume they may want to see the movie and begin a whole new generation of Goonies fans.