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The Little Rascals Shirts and Merchandise

Remember the Little Rascals? No? But you remember Buckwheat, don’t you! Thanks, Eddie Murphy! Pay tribute to the last remaining famous Little Rascal (and SNL sketch) with TV Store Online’s Buckwheat t-shirts. If you want to order more than one, that’s perfectly o-tay with us.

Little Rascals Buckwheat Black T-shirt
Little Rascals Buckwheat Otay Burgundy Heather T-shirt

At a time when fantasy was king, The Little Rascals series of short films focused on reality. Out went the concept of groomed and cute, and in came a group of children that were natural, raw, and heartwarming all the same. If being poor didn’t stop this gang from laughing all the way during their many adventures, it shouldn’t stop you from throwing on a shirt that says “I’m real…and adorable.”