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The Terminator Shirts

He said he’d be back… Thanks to TV Store Online, he is! The immortal Arnold Schwarzenegger appears as the indestructible Terminator on the front of these officially licensed T shirts. Before James Cameron sank the Titanic and saved Pandora, he sent a robot from the future to find Sarah Conner. Relive the classic sci-fi films by ordering today!

The Terminator Cyborg Robot Boom Adult Black T-Shirt
The Terminator Terminate Arnold Schwarzenegger Adult Black T-Shirt
Terminator Endoskeleton Face Washed Black T-shirt
The Terminator Salvation Biohazard Black T-shirt

When The Terminator declared “I’ll be back,” he wasn’t kidding around. He came back three more times because audiences were hooked on the action film series starting Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator was one badass character who wreaked so much havoc when sent back in time from 2029, that it makes you afraid of the future. TV Store Online’s great selection of Terminator shirts are for the rough and tough.