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Is there anybody who appreciates comedy that does not miss the brilliance and comic genius of Chris Farley? Pairing him up with David Spade in Tommy Boy (and later in Black Sheep) was probably the best move a movie producer could ever make. Even people who don’t normally enjoy comedies can’t get enough of Tommy Boy. Released in 1995, Tommy Boy is the epitome of the odd couple idea as Chris Farley plays a clueless son of an auto parts mogul who is given the task of taking over the company following the death of his father. Spade plays a supremely annoyed executive who is sent with Farley across the country on a mission to sell their wares to suppliers. His job is to make sure Farley doesn’t screw things up. Get your Callahan Auto Parts Tommy Boy t-shirts and show others that you’re a hardcore fan of one of the funniest movies of the past few decades!

    There are several Tommy Boy quotes that will get a chuckle when used in the presence of like-minded fans. In one scene, Spade remarks to Farley as they are eating, “I can actually hear you getting fatter.” And who can forget the “Fat Guy in a Little Coat” sung by Farley as he tries to make Spade laugh by putting on his sport jacket? Tommy Boy is full of hilarious moments that are simply unforgettable. With your Tommy Boy t-shirts, you can live out your favorite parts of the movie with others and enjoy the laughs that only the brilliance of Chris Farley can provide.

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      Tommy Boy is hilarious proof that a little creativity goes a long way. This 1995 comedy starring Chris Farley and David Spade won fans over with social awkwardness, uncomfortable encounters, and pure nonsense. But it was those same qualities that allowed Tommy to take over the Callahan Company in a triumph of balls over business sense. Our great Tommy Boy shirts are for those that define success a little bit differently.