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Toy Story

Toy Story was the CGI Animated film that started it all. With memorable characters and a story that none of us will ever forget, Pixar captured our hearts. In the sequels that followed, Toy Story only got better and better, adding new characters to the fold and helping us to understand why our toys were so important. If you still love this excellent series of movies, why not show it off with pride? Check out some of our Toy Story t-shirts today!

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When Pixar put out the original Toy Story in 1995 they changed things to say the least. They established 3D animation as a true art form that would soon take over the industry. They gave Disney yet another franchise they could use to rake in cash and they created a reputation for themselves as purveyors of high quality, extremely creative entertainment that could be enjoyed by all. One of the film’s smartest decisions was having all the characters be toys. While the story about what toys do when in use is fun and well-written, it's easier to forgive the rough, rigid, early CGI animation of Woody and Buzz because they are supposed to be made of plastic. You've got a friend in these shirts.