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Wayne's World

Schwing! Wayne’s World is as classic of a modern comedy as you can possibly find. One of the premier garage sale VHS finds in the world of film, with Shrek and Austin Powers star Mike Myers, and Wayne’s World 2 star Dana Carvey. Check our awesome movie merchandise – we got Wayne and Garth costumes perfect for a costume party or a Wayne’s World theme party, we also have t-shirts and hats! Wayne’s World! Party on!
Wayne's World Garth Party On Colored Face Adult Blue T-Shirt
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Wayne's World Garth Algar Schwing! Adult Navy T-shirt
Wayne's World Costume Hat
Wayne's World Garth and Wayne Costume Set

Wayne's World Costumes & T-Shirts

Garth: Party on, Wayne!
Wayne: Party on, Garth!

Party Time! Excellent! Who doesn't love this unforgettable cult classic from SNL alumni Mike Myers and Dana Carvey? Their little cable access show truly sparked a revolution in the early 90's! If you're a fan of this totally awesome movie or the Saturday Night Live skit that inspired it, why not show it off in style? Whether you're looking for a Wayne costume, a Garth costume or just some Wayne's World t-shirts, chances are you'll find them here!

Who can forget the awesomeness that was Wayne’s World? Wayne and Garth were two guys who had a TV show and were heavily into rock music. However, they were kind of geeky in the funniest ways. Wayne was played by Mike Myers and Garth by the loveable Dana Carvey. With quotes like “Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, Party time! Excellent!” the movie quickly became a cult classic. Anyone born in the 80s or 90s will instantly know this movie when it is mentioned.

Wayne's World Costumes and Apparel

Lucky for you, now you can dress like Wayne and Garth for your next theme party or costume event. Here at TV Store Online, we have just the costumes you need. You might choose the Schwing! Shirt or even the Wayne’s World ball cap like the one worn by Mike Myers in the movies. There is also the Garth and Wayne Costume set that includes 2 wigs – one blond one for Garth and one black one for Wayne – the Wayne’s World hat, glasses and drum sticks. What a cool way to costume yourself and a friend for 90s movie night out!

The Wayne’s World movies were inspired by the oh so funny sketches that Mike and Dana did on the TV show Saturday Night Live. So many of the popular comedians of today got their start on that show. While you are here, check out the related Saturday Night Live costumes that we have to offer. You might find the costumes for your next three or four parties!