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Remember all those quarters you spent playing arcade games like Galaga back in the day? Sadly, the days of the arcade are all but gone. However, there is another great way to spend all those hard earned quarters: buy a Galaga t-shirt! This is one of the games that started it all. Without games like Galaga, we wouldn't have some of the more advanced and insane space shooters that we see today. If you want to show off some old school love, there's no better way than to wear a Galaga t-shirt!

Galaga The Logo We All Know Galaga Brown Adult T-shirt

When it comes to classic arcade games by Namco, most only know about that gluttonous, yellow ghostbuster named Pac-Man. But the company has many put out many quarter-guzzling machines since the 80s including the sci-fi shoot 'em up Galaga. Insectoid aliens are invading the planet in this sequel to Namco's own Galaxian and you and your starship must shoot them down. Watch out for boss's deadly tractor beams. This gem of the arcade gaming golden age has seen various remakes and re-releases over the years the most recent being a 3D update on the Nintendo 3DS handheld. Show your love for old school gaming with these Galaga shirts.