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M&Mís melt in your mouth, not in your hand. TV Store Onlineís selection of officially licensed M&Mís t-shirts and apparel donít melt at all! No matter which color is your favorite, weíve got the tees to help your proudly display your candy affiliation. Suck on that, Reeseís!

M&M's Candy Silly Character Face T-Shirt
M&M M&M's Chocolate Candy Character Face Juniors T-Shirt
M&M's Big Face Toddler T-Shirt
M&M's Big Face Infant Baby Romper Onesie T-Shirt
M&M's Big Face Laplander Adult Ski Hat
M&M's Stripe Youth Knee-High Toe Socks
M&M M&M's Chocolate Candy Character Face Plush Beanie Ball
M&M's Chocolate Candy Character Faces Fleece Throw Blanket
M&M's Chocolate Candy Character Face Tumbler Cup and Lid

These adorable candies come in perfectly round or egghead shapes. With the variety of M&M t-shirt colors and cute faces to choose from, feel free to pick up a few if you canít decide on a favorite. Because with flavor and style this good, you canít have just one.