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Oregon Trail Shirts

Anyone who visited the school computer lab in the Ď80s and Ď90s remembers Oregon Trail, the educational video game that found dozens of ways to kill you during the monumental journey West. TV Store Online has the shirts to jog your friendsí memory about this classic game. Order one now, or youíll die of dysentery.

Oregon Trail You Have Died Of Dysentery Adult Black T-shirt
Oregon Trail You'll Be Living in a Wagon Down by the River Adult Black T-Shirt
Oregon Trail Conservationist Adult Black T-Shirt

Remember when computer games were so fun you didnít even realize they were educational? Anyone that grew up in the 80ís remembers being a wagon leader and trying to navigate the Oregon Trail without dying of dysentery along the way. Fans of the classic game will love our collection of shirts with their authentic black and green screen colors and familiar messages.