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Do you remember the days and nights you spent glued to a tiny gameboy screen in the early 90's? Of course you don't, you were too busy playing Tetris! There has always been something addicting about this classic puzzle game. Whether it be the falling blocks or the catchy music, Tetris was something that people of all ages found themselves hooked on. If you're a former addict or you still play the game to this day, check out some of our Tetris themed t-shirts!

Tetris Made Me Smart Blue Mens T-Shirt

Some people believe that if that one genius Russian Alexi Pajitnov never had invented the timeless, insanely addictive puzzle game Tetris, the Cold War may never have ended. Celebrate democracy and falling blocks today with our Tetris shirts. Did you know that those famous four-block pieces are known as tetrominos? With these shirts you can stay cool under pressure as they will tide you over even during the most hectic, stressful Tetris sessions, at least until the long piece shows up to clear an entire row. Of course, it will only be a matter of time before those weird shaped ones start piling up again. With these shirts though, you’ll be stacking those blocks like a champ.