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The Green Arrow

The Green Arrow is one of the most forgotten super heroes of all time. Let's face it, he just chose a bad name. There are half a dozen different super heroes who seem to have a unhealthy obsession with the color green, and he is the one who was most often ignored. Considering how awesome he was, this is really a shame. The Green Arrow is like a pumped up version of Robin Hood with tons of different trick arrows at his disposal. If you're one of his loyal fans, we've got some t-shirts designed just for you!

The Green Arrow Shield Bullseye Green Adult T-shirt
Green Lantern Green Arrow Kelly Green T-shirt
The Green Lantern vs Green Arrow Comic Strip Black Adult T-shirt

Oliver Queen, billionaire and secret vigilante known as the Green Arrow, fancies himself as somewhat of a modern day Robin Hood. It makes sense considering his knack for archery and desire to help the downtrodden. What's funny is that these days DC has used that populist attitude to position Ollie as their go-to liberal superhero and have him clash with more conservative tight-wearers like Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. There's also a group of people that know him because of his starring role on the later season of Smallville a.k.a. “The Young Superman Adventures”. Whatever the case, if you’re a fan of this slightly more obscure hero check out our selection of Green Arrow shirts.