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Wolverine is one of the most awesome super heroes to ever be created. Filled with Anger and unable to express himself fully, Wolverine was the one hero who just went around doing whatever he wanted to. It just so happened that for the most part, what he wanted to do was help to fight for justice. What makes Wolverine such an endearing character is that he could have just as easily been a villain. With a massive ego and anger issues such as his, it's sometimes hard to believe that he's actually a good guy. If you've always loved Wolverine, show it off with one of our awesome t-shirts!

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Marvel Comics X-Men Wolverine Men's Yellow Union Suit

He's the best he is what he does, and what he does isn't very nice. That's really the only way to introduce Marvel's most famous mutant Wolverine. Armed with six, indestructible metal claws, a metal skeleton, an accelerated healing factor and a bit of a temper, Wolverine is a mysterious loner within the X-Men. Therefore he's the most popular. Hugh Jackman brought this character to the masses with his starring role in the X-Men film series and while his 2009 solo film may not have gotten the best reviews, its upcoming sequel apparently has a strong script based on the acclaimed "Wolverine goes to Japan" storyline. Check out our Wolverine shirts, bub.