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Double Dare

The late 80's and early 90's saw a strange mix of game shows aimed at a younger audience. The most well known of these was of course Double Dare, a game show which combined the elements of asking questions and making a mess in order to create one of the craziest and most beloved shows of all time. The host of the show was Marc Summers, a man who deserves a lot more respect than he often gets. What most people don't know is that Marc has OCD and likes things to be neat and orderly. It makes you think twice about all those times he got messy on the show, doesn't it? Well, hopefully you won't worry too much about that, because we've got all the gear you need to host your own Double Dare game show! Sadly, you'll have to provide your own Marc Summers look-alike.

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Nickelodeon's family game show Double Dare has gone through quite a few transformations since it began in 1986. There's Double Dare, Super Sloppy Double Dare, Family Double Dare, Celebrity Double Dare, Super Special Double Dare and Double Dare 2000. Having that many versions meant quite a few host changes but no one can compare to Marc Summers, before he started unwrapping food mysteries and being obsessive compulsive. Whether families were answering trivia questions or completing physical challenges, Double Dares enduring legacy led to it being named one of the greatest game shows of all time by TV Guide. Lucky for you, no challenges need to be completed to get these shirts.

Double Dare is a children's game show classic that pit two families against each other in various physical and mental challenges all under the watchful eye of Marc Summers. With our Double Dare shirts and helmets now you can bring that classic 80s magic home, minus the Marc Summers of course. Create your own red and blue teams and put money on the line to see if your opponent really knows their stuff or if they don't have a clue. If you have a clue though, you'll definitely want to check out our selection.