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Doug Costume

Doug is probably the most forgotten cartoon character of the 90's. That being said, most of us still love him and his show. The show portrayed life the way we all wanted it to be and dealt with all of the issues that young people often struggle with. Oh, and it helped to put a smile on our faces. If you're a fan of Doug, we've got a few pretty awesome shirts for you to check out. Ever wanted to be Quailman? What about Skeeter? Well, we can't help with the blue skin, but we've got some shirts you might like!

Doug Quailman Q Cape White Adult Costume T-shirt with Detachable Cape
Doug I am Skeeter Lightning Bolt Red Adult Costume T-shirt

Whether you watched his original show on Nickelodeon or his sequel series on the Disney Channel, Doug Funnie is one of the most quintessential cartoon characters of the 1990s. Yes, Bluffington had quite the cast of multicolored characters like Doug's purple neighbors the Dinks, his turquoise best friend Skeeter, and his green-skinned nemesis Roger Klotz. And when he wasn't dealing with nematodes, hanging out with his dog Porkchop, or dreaming up new Quailman adventures, he was pining after the orange and lovely Patti Mayonnaise. Doug may only have had one kind of shirt but that doesn't mean you have to. Take a look at our Doug shirts.