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Eastbound & Down

If you can afford HBO, you can definitely afford one a hilarious Eastbound & Down t-shirts, Moneybags! You probably can't throw a fastball like Kenny Powers, but you'll still look great shotgunning a beer wearing one of these officially licensed Kenny Powers shirts.

Eastbound & Down Logo Kenny Powers 55 Jersey White T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers Your'e F***ing Out! Silver T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Feel The Power Kenny Powers White T-shirt
Eastbound and Down Charros Kenny Powers 55 Jersey Green Adult T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Arm Like A Damn Rocket Mind of a Scientist Black Adult T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Myrtle Beach Mermen Logo 55 Carolina Blue Adult T-shirt
Eastbound & Down I Play Real Sports Red Mens T-Shirt
Eastbound & Down I Rented This Hooker Black Sleeveless T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Day of the Dead Skull Green Adult T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Kenny Darkest Before You Pass Out White Adult T-shirt
Eastbound and Down Shh-Booms Black Men's T-shirt
Eastbound & Down You Just Suck Light Blue T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Kenny F*!?ing Powers Navy Adult T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Best Thing About Being Kenny Powers Silver T-shirt
Eastbound & Down Logo Kenny Powers 55 Jersey White and Navy Baseball Raglan T-Shirt
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Eastbound & Down Logo Kenny Powers 55 Heather Gray Hoodie Sweatshirt
Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers is My Boyfriend Ivory Juniors/Ladies T-shirt
Kenny Powers East Bound and Down Costume Kit with Jersey Shirt
Eastbound and Down Kenny Powers Charros Adult Costume Kit
Kenny Powers Wig Eastbound & Down Costume
Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers 55 Baselball Cap Hat With Mullet Wig
Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers Myrtle Beach Mermen Cap and Jersey Costume Set

Kenny Powers/Eastbound and Down Costumes

Danny McBride is a weird but still funny comedian who has shown up in stuff you probably recognize even though you don't recognize him. He's been in Superbad, Observe and Report, and even voiced a character in Kung-Fu Panda 2. However, arguably his most famous role wasn't in a movie but rather in the darkly comedic sitcom Eastbound and Down, which is about to start its final season on HBO. In the show, McBride plays the washed-up baseball player turned gym teacher Kenny Powers who is attempting to worm his way back into the Major Leagues. If that sounds like someone you want to be, be sure to check out our Kenny Powers costumes.

If you are a fan of the HBO series; Eastbound and Down, then you will be delighted to find out that you too can dress like the protagonist, Kenny Powers. Kenny is a professional baseball player who is washed up and now working as a gym teacher at the local high school while always trying to get back to being a professional again.

The Infamous Kenny Powers Mullet

Kenny is full of attitude that goes perfectly with the throwback mullet he so proudly flaunts. While you can get the Kenny Powers costume – and even the hair – you can’t buy the attitude.

Kenny Powers Costume Options

However, if you do want to dress like Kenny, you can get costume pieces or even kits. One kit includes the jersey and hat complete with a mullet wig. Of course, you can get all of those pieces sold separately as well. There are Kenny Powers T-shirts that resemble his 55 jersey too. If you are a die-hard fan then you may want to take a peek at the Charros costume kit. This kit comes with the green Charros jersey that has Powers 55 on the back and Charros in yellow on the front. It also comes with the green Charros ball cap and the Kenny powers mullet wig.

These costumes are great for costume parties but since they are more normal pieces, you can actually just wear the t-shirts, jerseys and caps when you head out to the park or anywhere else. There are actually quite a few Kenny Powers t-shirts and jerseys available and there are also a few caps as well.