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Eastbound & Down

If you can afford HBO, you can definitely afford one a hilarious Eastbound & Down t-shirts, Moneybags! You probably can't throw a fastball like Kenny Powers, but you'll still look great shotgunning a beer wearing one of these officially licensed Kenny Powers shirts.

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Kenny Powers East Bound and Down Costume Kit with Jersey Shirt
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Kenny Powers Wig Eastbound & Down Costume
Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers 55 Baselball Cap Hat With Mullet Wig
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Another storyline about a failed athlete and the demotion to sub-pro. In Eastbound & Down, Kenny Powers is forced to return to his hometown and work as a substitute Phys Ed teacher after a disappointing career with the pros. Star baseball pitcher may not have been Kenny's calling, but Phys Ed definitely wasn't supposed to be in the cards. At least this hit comedy HBO series gave us an excuse to wear the awesome shirts below.