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Gossip Girl T Shirts and Merchandise

Could you use a little drama in your life? Revel in rich-people problems wearing a shiny, bold “Gossip Girl” t-shirt from our collection! Whether you count yourself among Team Blair or Team Serena, We have the tees to prove to the world you’re a “Gossip Girl” glutton!

Gossip Girl Good Scandal Deserves Another Juniors Tee
Gossip Girl Team Blair Juniors T-Shirt
Gossip Girl Team Serena Juniors Tee
Gossip Girl Team Chuck Juniors Tee
Gossip Girl Team Nate White Juniors/Ladies T-shirt
Gossip Girl Chuck Bass Gold Foil Black Juniors Tee

Fans of this popular book and TV series will have a hard time deciding which shirt to get…because whose side you’re on can change with every new Gossip Girl tweet. It’s the perfect conversation starter because Manhattan’s elite always keep us guessing. So while we may have all the latest designs, we can’t help you pick a team. XOXO.