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Gumby Shirts and Merchandise

Itís Gumby! Show the little green clay dude some love wearing our collection of Gumby t-shirts and even our Gumby costume. They wonít give you the magical abilities to travel into story books or outer space like Gumby, but they WILL look incredibly retro and kitschy! Order now.

Gumby Clay Face T-shirt
Gumby Headphones Black Mens T-shirt
Gumby Face Juniors Tee
Gumby Clay Face Green Youth Tee
Gumby Waving Black T-shirt
Gumby Clay Adult Standard Unisex Halloween Costume

Stretch out in one of our cute, cuddly Gumby shirts and feel like youíre as flexible as the clay animated character himself. Gumby was known for traveling through time, books, mirrors and outer space at will, and capturing fansí hearts through it all. TV Store Online has a charming collection of Gumby shirts for anyone that loved the classic clay character.