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Despite the fact that the TV series Miami Vice hasn’t been on prime time television in more than two decades, the recognizable bass line from the theme song is still enough to get your heart pumping. The show that gave Don Johnson his big break in TV is also the show that revolutionized the prime time TV crime drama with its focus on the drug culture of the 80s and music from the top of the charts at the time. Both of these ideas put together helped tell a great story in each episode which is why there was a recent 2006 movie made with the same idea and with the same director.

    Whether you watched the original series when it was on in the 1980s or if you’ve watched reruns, you probably recognize some of the songs and artists. Some of the biggest names that loaned their songs to the show include Meat L oaf, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode and even Ted Nugent. These songs helped provide the atmosphere of danger that Tibbs and Crockett had to go through when chasing down the drug dealers, prostitutes and other dregs of society in Miami.

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    The name says it all. Miami Vice is the TV series that combined the coolness of Miami with the vices that go along with it. Two undercover police detectives raced around chasing drug dealers and stopping crime all the while wearing designer duds and signature sunglasses. The show’s innovative combination of music, fashion, and visual effects created high demand for commemorative shirts like the ones below.

      Miami Vice was also so popular that it ignited a new clothing trend. These days, you can show your appreciation for the show by wearing a Miami Vice t-shirt. There are several to choose from, but you can also get an official pair of Miami Vice aviator sunglasses to help relive memories from your favorite 80s crime show. But when the show was on, it was typically to see guys wear a tank top with a solid colored blazer and pants. From fashion to TV storylines and much more, Miami Vice impacted the culture in many ways.