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The Beverly Hillbillies T Shirts and Merchandise

Pay tribute to television's ultimate fish-out-of-water story with our fine collection of "Beverly Hillbillies" t-shirts! The unforgettable series about a man named Jed and his charmingly naive family remains one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. Thanks to TV Store Online's ultra-low prices, you don't have to be a fancy oil millionaire to dress like one!

Beverly Hillbillies Sophistimacated T-shirt
Beverly Hillbillies Millionaire Jed Clampett T-shirt

Ever feel a little out of place? Imagine being plucked out of Hillbilly, USA and moving to the swanky city of Beverly Hills without so much as a clue what Prada is. Beverly Hillbillies was one of the most successful TV shows of all time and started the whole “fish-out-of-water” sitcom genre. So for anyone out there that can relate, throw on a Hillbillies shirt today.