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The Smurfs

Since the 1980s, The Smurfs have lovably made their way into the hearts of children and adults alike. You can’t talk about Saturday morning cartoons without mentioning The Smurfs because they used to be the reason that many kids got out of bed early on the weekends. They provided great life lessons for children that many of us have carried on into our adulthood. Lessons like working together, supporting each other and other great lessons were a major part of the storylines. You can find The Smurfs t-shirts with many of your favorite Smurfs on them, including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Handy Smurf and several others. It’s a great way to show that you’re a product of the 1980s and you still appreciate the classic cartoons!

    Today, The Smurfs are being exposed to a whole new generation. With The Smurfs movie being a major blockbuster in 2011 and sequels in the works, The Smurfs is reaching a new audience and adults are even reigniting their love for the little blue creatures that stand three apples high. The war continues between The Smurfs and Gargamel, an evil old man that wants to capture the little creatures so he can turn them into gold. His “trusty” sidekick – Azrael – is a cat that stands by his side through thick and thin, but Gargamel has yet to launch a successful plan to capture the little blue creatures because they always stick together to thwart his efforts. The Smurfs continue to win the hearts of viewers and you can show that you love what they stand for with a variety of Smurfs t-shirts.

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    Remember when it didn't seem so strange to watch a bunch of little blue creatures in white hats run around their own little town? Well, those were the 80's and they are sadly over. However, nostalgia for The Smurfs has never been more popular. If you're longing to show off your love of The Smurfs, we've got quite a few t-shirts for you to consider. Heck, we've even got a Smurf hat!

      One wonders how many people know that the Smurfs are actually Belgian. The original name for the little blue cartoon characters is Les Schtroumpfs. There's something to be said that the Smurfs socialist commune lifestyle might be reflective of more European ideas. Also, it's strange that the lone female, Smurfette, was created to distract and destroy the Smurf’s efficiency. But politics like those have no place in old children's shows. All that matters about the Smurfs is that they are blue, have stubby tails, are led by one old, bearded Smurf, are at war with a wizard and his cat, have very descriptive names and replace words with the word Smurf. Remember the good Smurfs and not the upcoming CGI movie ones with our Smurfs shirts.