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There are several stories that deal with a dog being manís best friend, but FXís show Wilfred takes that idea to a whole other level. Wilfred is merely a dog to everybody who sees him, except for Ryan (played by Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame). Following a complete nervous breakdown, Ryan sees Wilfred as a real friend Ė one that he can have a real conversation with and one that seems to mess up his life in one way or another. But heís also manís best friend because they can spend hours together playing and discussing life. Wilfred actually belongs to Ryanís neighbor Ė Jenna Ė but the friendship between him and Ryan is a strong one, whether itís just in Ryanís head or not. You can show your love for the show by dressing up in your very own Wilfred costume, too.

    The idea of Wilfred started out on Australian TV and it was created by Jason Gann, who incidentally plays the human version of the dog. Heís probably the only dog on TV that eats junk food, drinks beer, smokes both cigarettes and marijuana and cusses. But because heís really a dog, part of the fun is watching him participate in dog-related activities. He loves to rollover on his back and have people rub his belly and he has a girlfriend which is, of course, nothing more than a teddy bear. If youíve ever wondered what your dog is probably thinking, Wilfred is a comical look inside the mind of manís greatest friend. You can become your own Wilfred by ordering an authentic costume and having some fun being a dog yourself!

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    Wilfred is a dog. He might not be an actual dog to Ryan, but to everyone else he's just a normal dog. But who wants a normal dog, anyway? I'd rather have an Australian man in a dog suit myself! If you're a fan of the show, you should check out our selection of Wilfred merchandise.