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Welcome to the TV Store Online blog.  Here we'll keep you up-to-date on TV, movies, comic and video game topics, along with related shirts, costumes and other apparel items.  Whether its news on upcoming movies, comics, games or TV shows, reviews on recent releases, nostalgic deep dives or upcoming shirt or costume releases and overall fashion ideas, we'll keep you informed! 

Movie Costumes

Posted by Chris Casarez on


Movie Costumes for Halloween, Cosplay and Costume Parties

Movie costumes are the perfect way to go on Halloween. Not only do they allow you to show up dressed like your favorite movie character, you can engage in interesting conversations as you constantly hear "I love that movie!" Movie costumes are not only great individually but going some of the most famous movie couples can make for a very interesting time as well. Below are some movie costume ideas to get you going. Whatever you choose, remember that TV Store Online has the best movie costumes out there!

80's movie costumes

The 80's were a golden era for movies; movies that live on by way of memes. And even the younger generations have found joy in watching these 'old' movies. An 80's movie costume is pretty much a guaranteed hit.

Alien movie costume

You can never go wrong on Halloween by dressing up like a movie alien. Whether it's the Ridley Scott alien or the creepy Communion flavor, movie aliens are perfect for Halloween. Now you can dress like a funny movie alien or a complete horror counterpart. Don't forget to add some sci-fi costume accessories!

Scary Movie Costumes

Traditionally Halloween is something we associate with "scary." So going the scary movie costume route is generally a safe bet. Whether you want to go old school with Frankenstein or Wolfman or something newer or perhaps even join the zombie craze, horror movie costumes will always have a place in Halloween.

Funny Movie Costumes

While "scary" is a sure bet for Halloween, how boring would it be if we ALL just did the scary movie thing at the same time? Humor is also an important part of Halloween. Make your costume stand out by making everyone laugh.

Movie Halloween Costumes

While there are all sort of reasons to where movie costumes (work costume parties, cosplay, drive your significant other crazy, embarrass your children when you pick them up at school, etc), Halloween is an exceptional time to wear a movie costume. With all the great movies out there, the only question you should ever be asking in regards to movie costumes is "which movie costume should I wear this time"? So what are you waiting for? Halloween movie costumes are one of the best party ideas ever!

Best Movie T-Shirts and Costumes

You don’t have to go all-out to get the message across that you love a certain can go pretty subtle and the people who should get it, will get it. Think about a few of these ideas:Office Space Mike Judge’s 1999 comedy about life in the world of white-collar drudgery was done on a skimpy [...]

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6 Perfect Couple's Costumes

Whether you’re spending this Halloween with your better half, your bestie or your bro, you can have twice the fun (or double the trouble) with these couple’s costume sets.1. I’tsa Me, Mario! And LuigiWho better to make an appearance as than these classic Nintendo brothers? Suit up and show off your most comical Italian accent [...]

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Scary/Horror Movie Costumes

Halloween is the one night of the year when it’s acceptable for people to transform themselves into the scary creatures of their dreams or nightmares. For spooky costume ideas, look to Hollywood. The industry continues to invent disturbing and macabre characters, which makes dressing up like one of them the perfect costume choice for Halloween.  Channeling [...]

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Movie Star Costumes for Adults

Do you struggle to come up with a Halloween costume each year? If you’re once again stuck trying to choose between being a ghost or a zombie, it’s time to think outside the box! Having a great costume can make you the hit of the party, but it takes a little creativity. If you need [...]

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Movie Halloween Costumes

Must-Have Halloween Movie Costumes and Why You Need ThemEveryone loves movies. Kids aged two to 102 fantasize about becoming a spy, falling in love or harnessing super-human powers as their favorite movie characters. Unfortunately, there aren't many opportunities to look or act like your favorite heroes without other people thinking you've gone nuts. Halloween is [...]

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Funny Movie Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, there are a several categories of costumes that make the rounds. There is basic Halloween fare, such as witches and ghosts; there are “adult costumes,” intended to be sexy rather than scary; and there are novelty costumes. Novelty costumes can run the gamut from video game characters to dressing like [...]

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Female Movie Character Costumes

Halloween Fun: Female Movie Character CostumesHalloween is a favorite holiday for many. There’s delicious candy, plenty of spooky movies and awesome parties to enjoy. If you’re stuck trying to choose a Halloween costume, why not consider going as one of your favorite female movie characters? Not only are costumes based on movies a lot of [...]

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Famous Movie Halloween Costumes

Choosing a famous movie Halloween costume this year lets you enjoy immediate recognition. Trying to come up with an original idea can stump you, but imitating your favorite movie character makes your outfit unforgettable. Your costume is sure to draw attention as your friends remember when they saw the movie that you represent. Taking on [...]

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Classic Movie Costumes

Halloween is the perfect excuse morph into your favorite movie star. A celebrity costume is way more fun than a run-of-the-mill witch or ghost getup, and knowing you’ve got a costume everyone hasn’t seen a dozen times feels great. Whether you want to bring a classic movie character to life, explore the “fashions” of the [...]

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