​80's costumes for Halloween

19th Jul 2017

1980's costumes for Halloween The most beautiful period to live in was the 80s. If you are looking to have Halloween costumes based on the 80s, you will be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of musicians, fads, characters, and movies from which to choose. Whether you want something refined, creepy, or fun, you will always find a costume. Here are some of the ideas that we think should help you find the right 80s costume for Halloween.1. Animal HouseAnimal house was one of th
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​Unique TV and Movie Costumes

9th May 2017

So when you're trying to cosplay or dress up as a movie or TV character, you might run into some questions. Which one will be easiest? Which one would be cheapest? How would you even pull it off? There are lots of easy options out there when picking a character to dress up as. Finding clothes is often the easy part. It's often the details that make or break an outfit.The OfficeA good thing to look out for when recreating a costume is how unique is the movie or TV show's style? Shows like Th
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Unique Halloween Costumes

Posted by Chris Casarez on 30th Apr 2015

With autumn just around the corner, people are thinking about pumpkin flavored foods, raking fall leaves and planning the perfect Halloween costume. While the first two are relatively easy tasks, the third may require a bit more effort. Fortunately, now is the perfect time to start your Halloween plans for a unique outfit this year. If you want to go beyond ghosts and zombies, here are some creative ideas to get started. Movie CostumesOne reason so many people dress up as pumpkins or clowns is t
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Halloween Costume Ideas

Posted by Chris Casarez on 16th Apr 2015

Halloween Costume Ideas: TV and Movie Costumes Let’s face it, Halloween sneaks up on us every year. Yes, it is one of the most fun holidays of the year, but choosing a  costume can be downright scary. Here is a great place to get your costume though and we have so many to choose from that the choice might be a difficult one to make. If you are a fan of TV or the big screen, then is where you need to go. We have costumes for all shapes and sizes from toddler costum
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