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10 TV Costumes for Halloween

Halloween 2017 is not as far away as you think it is. With this favorite holiday around the corner, you could be thinking of ideas for costumes, but you aren't yet sure what or who to dress as. The good news is that television and movies are full of so many iconic characters, that you will have plenty to choose from.

To help you prepare, we have compiled some of the most iconic characters from popular  TV shows that we are confident will not only be fun for you to put together, but that will also impress friends and family at your Halloween.


Before the movies that you know and love, there was once a TV show that introduced us to  Batman. This TV show goes all the way back to the 1960s so you can only imagine how amazing wearing the old Batman costume could be.

You can be sure that you'll stand out from the rest with your original Batman costume which is truly something out of the 60s and the  DC Comics. You probably won't have to worry about showing up matching with someone, as most people who dress up as Batman typically choose the latest look from the last Batman movie. Be original and enjoy the unique 60s Batman.

2. Breaking Bad

Who hasn't seen Breaking Bad? Most people have, so if you want to wear something that is sure to be recognized, go for one of your favorite  Breaking Bad characters. Whether you choose Walter White, Jesse, or the always impressive Saul Goodman, you will have fun playing a character from what will always be one of the most incredible TV shows ever made.

Whether you go trick-or-treating with the family and you make Breaking Bad a family affair or you go solo as your ultimate favorite good (or bad) guy, you will be sure to have a blast.

3. Big Bang Theory

From Penny to Sheldon, every character on the  Big Bang Theory has their unique style that is easy for you to imitate without having to worry about investing too much money into your costume. Sheldon is, of course, a favorite and all that you really need is a T-shirt of your choosing, preferably one with some type of comic character or brainy phrase.

Penny is also a fun character for the ladies to play as, well, they won't have to do much work except make sure that they are showing some skin, but for the most part it's that simple all-American look that doesn't demand much effort.

The Big Bang Theory is a favorite T.V. show for those who simply want to sit back and relax after a long day of work and when you choose any of the characters for your Halloween costume, you can be sure that you will be a hit at the Halloween 2017 party.

4. SNL

How do you choose from the plethora of great characters that have graced  SNL's set? Go for someone that you like, someone that was iconic on the show, and go all out. A recent idea could be Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Donald Trump.

Mary Katherine Gallagher is an all-time favorite and pretty easy to dress up as. Gilly,  Wayne and Garth, or the Spartan Cheerleaders are other fun and iconic SNL characters that you will most likely enjoy getting in character for.

5. Power Rangers

Are you planning to go to a party with a group of friends this  Halloween 2017? Why not going as the gang of Power Rangers? Sure, it's a bit of an outdated TV show and yes, perhaps it's a bit childish to do, but you will be sure to have a great time and you have to admit, their outfits are iconic. After all, who doesn't want to dress up in some leg-hugging, muscle-showing outfit to fight against evil on Halloween?

Almost everyone grew up on Power Rangers during the 90's and it will undoubtedly bring you back to your childhood as you and your friends dress up as Jason Lee Scott or Adam Park, Trini, Kimberly, Zack or Tommy.

6. Game of Thrones

There is hardly a soul who hasn't seen  Game of Thrones and for those who have been following the series since the very beginning, you can be sure that dressing up as their favorite character for Halloween 2017 is a dream come true. Game of Thrones is so full of drama, plot twists, and incredible story lines that anyone who wants to pay tribute to their favorite series for Halloween will have plenty to work with.

From the iconic look of  Daenerys (also known as Khaleesi) to the subtler appearance of Jon SnowTyron Lannister, Joffrey, or the bold style of Khal Drogo, you can be sure that a Game of Thrones character will be one of the most popular costumes at your party and you will have a lot of dressing up as one of these incredibly complex characters.

7. Duck Dynasty

Go and buy some camouflage clothes and a beard and get dressed.  Ducky Dynasty is one of those T.V. shows that you may not admit to watching, but you definitely have at least once or twice, especially with all the surrounding media coverage of Phil Robertson and the family as a whole.

As one of the most popular reality shows on T.V. for years-the rougher hill-Billy version of Kardashian fame-you can be sure that most everyone will recognize your costume and you will have a whole lot of fun playing one of the very real characters from the Robertson family.

It's the perfect idea for anyone who isn't big on putting too much effort into their Halloween costume but who still wants to be remembered. A bandana, beard, and a bit of camouflage and voila, Duck Dynasty is coming to a party near you.

8. The Kardashians

Anybody can dress as the Kardashians if they want to, but of course, it helps if you are a female since the majority of the Kardashians are female. From the family matriarch Kris to Kim, it's the opportunity for you to dress up glamorous and wear a wig. Or you can also of course choose to dress as one of the three Jenner ladies.

The Kardashians are the most popular and iconic family from any  reality TV show in the last decade. If you are looking for a way to dress up and get in the spotlight in Halloween, this is one way that you can be sure to get attention.

9. Sex and the City

Will you be going to a great party with a group of girlfriends? Choose your favorite lady from this ever-so-popular TV show and get in character. From Samantha to Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie, Sex and the City brings plenty of personality for you and your ladies to play for Halloween.

Bring the sass, bring the emotion, and bring the glamour, and bring Sex and the City to life for the Halloween party of a lifetime. Whether you want to dress up from an iconic scene from the  TV show or wear costumes such as the ones that these stylish ladies wear in the latest movie, you can be sure that most people-women, at least-will recognize who you have shown up as.

There is something for every type of personality on Sex and the City. Whether you like to cover up like Charlotte, you love to wear eye-catching dresses like Samantha, you appreciate the fashionable choices of Carrie, or you like to look like a professional like Miranda, you don't need to be limited to only one iconic character.

10. Bob's Burgers

Not everyone has seen Bob's Burgers, but for those who have, you are never the same.  Bob's Burgers is full of fun and captivating dialogue. It's so good that it even won an Emmy award. Did we mention that it's animated?

While you can dress as anyone you want from the show, Tina is most definitely a favorite character whether or not you are a fan of the show. The best thing is that her outfit is so simple and her voice so unique that anyone will recognize who you are on the spot-that is, if they have seen  Bob's Burgers.

If you want to make a great impression, make sure to memorize some of Tina's most memorable remarks and work them into your conversations at the party-just wait and see who catches on.

Some examples:

"I am a smart, strong, sensual woman."

"Your ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it."

"Dad, if you believe you're beautiful, you will be. I did."

"I don't need a boy to pay attention to me. I'll pay attention to myself."


From Batman to Duck Dynasty, television is full of incredibly entertaining characters that accompany us after work and that make us feel a part of their story. Whether you are a big fan of Game of Thrones or you love watching the Kardashians, Halloween is a great time to feel like one of your favorite characters for a day.

Halloween 2017 is the one day of the year that you get to dress up and be a kid once more, so go all out and have fun dressing as one of your all-time favorites.

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