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Movie cosplay is among the most rapidly growing means of reveling in your appreciation for a particular movie property or character. While the practice has been around for years within convention circuits, it's garnered more and more coverage throughout the years as events like San Diego Comic Con have become increasingly mainstream. There's a vibrant community of cosplay enthusiasts now, all of whom both support and compete with one another to hopefully pull off their look of choice the best. It's proven especially popular among spectators as well; if a particular cosplay is especially well done, you can bet video and pictures of it are going to be shared all over the internet.

So, what is cosplay to begin with?

In short, cosplay standards for costume play. It's the simple act of dressing up like an existing character. Popular examples include Darth Vader from Star Wars,  Deadpool (from the X-Men subsection of the Marvel Universe), Harley Quinn and the Joker from the Batman franchsie, and Neo from the Matrix. A wide variety of movie, comic book, cartoon, and video game characters regularly make the rounds from one fan convention and expo to the next. Many events even celebrate their cosplayers with parades, contests, and photo ops as well.

If you're wondering why anyone would care about other people dressing up like movie characters, well, it all comes down to an appreciation for the passion. You have to really love a particular franchise to spend your time replicating a costume from it. The sheer creativity on display in many cosplays is also unreal. The screen accuracy of some of the costumes is shocking. Everyone (and everything) from the hunter alien in Predator to Jessica Rabbit from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" have been lovingly recreated. If it was in a popular movie, you can bet someone has devoted themselves to dressing as it!

Ultimately, it's really no different that people admiring well made  Halloween costumes. The more creative, clever, or expertly executed a costume, the more people tend to appreciate it. The novelty alone is worth a cursory social media share or two. When people post their favorite costumes from the latest Halloween, they're tapping into the same exact feeling that people who love cosplay are experiencing. There's nothing "weird" about it at all. Cosplay has merely created another means for people to express their love of something, and that's nothing but a good thing!

If you want a crash course in all things cosplay, all it really takes is loading up Youtube and doing a basic search. Something like "San Diego Comic Con cosplay" is sure to turn up thousands upon thousands of results. For fun, you might even want to try looking up the cosplay for characters you're particularly invested in. Once you begin seeing just how much effort is put into the recreation of each costume - all the way down to fulfilling the right attitude for the characters in many cases - it should become immediately clear why cosplay has taken the world by storm.

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