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When you gaze up at the nighttime sky, you might reflect upon faraway galaxies, or you might think about cool Halloween costumes. That's because alien outfits are always exciting to wear. Of course, many of the most popular otherworldly costumes are inspired by movies and TV shows ― some recent and some from decades ago. 

If you want to be a hit at this year's October 31 gathering, you could suit up as a visitor from another planet. A little fake green blood and an oversize ray gun might complete the effect. As you walk around dressed as your favorite alien, you're sure to generate smiles and receive high fives. Just remember that high fives can be tricky if you've got paws or tentacles. 

Friendly and Funny 

Movie and television aliens come in different categories. First, there's the friendly variety. Consider E.T. from the 1982 Steven Spielberg movie. He has a huge heart ― one that actually glows in the dark ― and he befriended several people while stranded on Earth. Spielberg also gave us the approachable aliens of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977), short beings with long arms who invite humans aboard their spacecraft. If you'll be attending a Halloween event at which children will be present, a warm and cuddly alien persona might be your best choice.

Some fictional aliens, meanwhile, are comical. For instance, there's ALF, the furry guy with the long snout from the NBC sitcom. You might also remember the mischievous beasts who were disguised as human beings in the "Men in Black" film trilogy. Other humorous examples are the little Martians with the large, exposed brains from "Mars Attacks!" (1996), which Tim Burton directed.

The Scariest Aliens of All

The most frightening movie extraterrestrials ever might be those from the "Alien" franchise. This series began with director Ridley Scott's "Alien" (1979), a masterpiece of terror about an enormous creature that devours the crew of a spaceship one by one. This movie spawned sequels, a prequel, video games, novels, and plenty of other merchandise. 

How about heading to a Halloween party dressed as a massive monster from that series? Imagine parading around all night with a pointy tail, fearsome fangs, a bean-shaped head, and gruesome exposed ribs. Many people who look at you will instantly get goosebumps.

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