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Becoming a big hit star on Television and the movies can take a great deal of hard work and persistence. A person must have a passion for Television and the movies and the drive to succeed.Proper training can help a person perfect their craft. Enrolling in an acting or drama school can help the person receive the required training for Television as well as the movies. Once the proper training is received, it is best to find an agent willing to represent a newcomer to the business.

Early on you may find yourself going on countless auditions. Open call auditions are the easiest because you do not have to be a union member to attend an open call audition. If you wanna make it big in Television and movies, you’ll most certainly need a SAG card.

It is possible that one dynamite audition can launch your career and it may even earn you your SAG card. For example, Brad Pitt started out in commercials and of course over time he became a huge star. Pitt had his first break in 1987 appearing in two episodes of the soap ‘Another World’. This leads to other Television roles for Pitt and eventually, he was offered movie roles. Pitt came a long way from soap operas to hit movies like ‘12 Monkeys’, ‘Seven’, and of course ‘Fight Club’.

Alec Baldwin also studied acting to perfect his talent. Baldwin eventually landed a regular role on an afternoon soap opera from 1980-82. Television seemed to lay the groundwork for him because he did eventually become a big motion picture star.

It does help to make as many connections within the industry as possible. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. The Television and movie business is a tough profession. You must learn to handle rejection and not take it personally.

Sooner or later, if you have the drive to succeed and stay focused, some amazing things may begin to happen. Acquiring a good agent can help the actor a great deal. An agent will handle all Television and movie bookings for their client. The agent does receive a percentage of the actor’s earnings.

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