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Everybody’s favorite show that has not been on TV is coming back on TV. Arrested Development!!!! No, we already talked about that. But Community is back! Yeah, I know, it’s not as exciting, but at least it’s something funny that’s coming back and not just a reboot of an already not funny show with a younger more annoying guy with long hair and old ex-wife who does too many drugs.

Community has been a solid show over the last couple years, but for ratings issues and some schedule testing, NBC placed it on the disabled list for a few months. Parks and Recreation has really come alive in the last year, and 30 Rock is back to its old awesomeness, so it’s conceivable that NBC now has some more confidence in their viewership. Community is set to return to the lineup on March 15th, after being gone since the middle of December.

NBC is also throwing in some new shows to help out the roster. A new show called “Bent”, starring Amanda Peet, will duke it out with ABC’s “Modern Family”, which clearly shows some confidence in the show from NBC, since Modern Family is one of the most popular network shows, and it doesn’t seem to be waning one bit.

Community is one of those great shows that mixes it up each episode, much like Modern Family. They don’t really follow a formula, which may cause issues for some viewers, like those who watch CBS shows religiously, but it makes for a great show to throw on whenever. You don’t really need to know too much about the characters to enjoy the comedy, although if you do know the characters there are also a lot of great inside jokes.

One drawback to Community coming back is the great surge from Parks and Recreation will be lost for a six-week hiatus after March 8th. The Thursday lineup will consist of Community coming before 30 Rock, then “The Office” and then “Up All Night”. NBC also will be inviting the new show “Best Friends Forever”, which apparently is some kind of female buddy comedy. Good News for that is that Fred Savage is an Executive Producer on it, so hopefully, he keeps his solid track record going. Needless to say, NBC is charging ahead making moves mid-season to spice up their lineups and keep things fresh. It’s a good approach considering the only time people really watch NBC is Thursday night, and they’re always kind of scratching up against the other networks despite such a solid ratings day.

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