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It is hard to believe it has been twenty-five years since the release of Top Gun. The last few months have actually seen the quarter-century marks for a lot of classic eighties films. Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Back To The Future immediately come to mind. now it is time for Top Gun it has its spotlight.

Often known as one of Tom Cruise's top films, and a film that helped launch his career, Top Gun is turning twenty-five, and there is a way to celebrate this landmark moment. Just this week, AMC Theaters announced plans to air the film on the big screen once again with two showings set for the end of this month. Several of their theaters across the country will show the film on April 29 and May 2.

The film was never known for being top quality. At the center of the plot are the relationships Maverick has with those around him. The love he finds, and the friend that he loses during the course of the film. All of his life is lived under the shadow of the father he never really knew. It was marketed as a fun film back in the day. About men, fighter pilots, and love.

It was the film that was part of the youth of many. Some brought the movie home with them and wore out their VCR's by watching the film over and over. In recent months, there has been talk of a sequel in the works with a possible cameo by Tom Cruise returning to his character. The project has been in the talking stages, but not much has been said about it lately.

The film would bring the characters to a new generation, and it is safe to say war and the military have changed a lot in the twenty-five years since the release of the first film. Top Gun has remained one of those films that everyone seems to know and why not sport a Top Gun t-shirt! It is a film that every person has seen at least once in their life, and now those that want to see it on the big screen for the first time or the hundredth time have that chance.

As for the sequel, the jury is out. Remakes and sequels either do well or do horribly. It all depends on the plot that is brought to the screen. Will Top Gun fly once again? Never say never. Anything is possible.

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