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One of the most common tropes of fashion is a nice screen-printed T-Shirt these days. Literally wearing your interests on your sleeve is no longer a faux pas. Of course, one of the most common styles of graphic tees proudly showcases logos and characters from  TV shows. Brand recognition does a lot for making any shirt popular. If you feel a connection to the graphic being displayed, it's going to tug right on your sense of nostalgia, equating to an instant purchase that's a joy to wear and a sure conversation starter. With your favorite TV shirt, you can essentially be transported right back to the first time you fell in love with the likes of the Power Rangers, Batman, or Breaking Bad.

T-Shirts Tap Into Great Memories

It's true; a good TV shirt can transport you to a better time in your life when there wasn't quite as much to worry about. From your favorite Saturday morning shows from childhood to your weekly escapes as an adult, there's no denying how important TV characters can become on a personal level. When placed on a t-shirt, you're essentially taking all of that sentimentality and transforming it into art that you gladly envelop yourself in. You're telling part of your life journey with these shirts, while also promoting the things you care about.

Starting Conversations

Of course, TV shirts can also be serious conversation starters. Even someone with the most sour demeanor might have their day brightened when they see you coming their way with an awesome graphic tee that hits their interests as well. With the right shirt, you might even find yourself as the life of the party. If you've ever found yourself at a disadvantage in social situations, a fun shirt that others can relate to can help out more than you might imagination. Even better, t-shirts can be worn in nearly any situation these days. You'll have that extra boost for social interaction wherever you go!

With that said, here are some popular TV shows that people often love representing on their shirts:

Beavis & Butthead

Beavis & Butthead are love-em or hate-em characters, but everyone knows who they are. Not only do fans love rocking t-shirts with the characters themselves, they can also take it to a meta level by wearing the band tees they're famous for. If you're into the humor of Beavis & Butthead, having them on your shirt is sure to help you make fast friends with others in the same boat.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy has resonated with fans of intense dramas and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. There's a certain machismo to the show that's very alluring. Both sensual and violent, it became an instant "must-watch" for many. Like many modern shows, this lead to a merchandising blitz of sorts. Shirts with logos from the show itself and its fictional world alike can be readily found in clothing stores and online shops all over.

The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is undoubtedly one of the most successful modern sitcoms. Its depictions of "nerdy" characters has been slightly controversial given the potential stereotypes being presented. The quality and taste of the humor has also been called into question. Even so, the show has resonated with a gigantic audience. It features lovable characters and catchphrases alike, both of which have provided the means for a wealth of t-shirts and other merchandise.

That just scratches the surface of course. No matter what your favorite show might be, you can bet there's a great related t-shirt you can wear. And when you do, you should do so with pride!

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