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Have you ever wondered about Halloween? Why is it celebrated? Why orange and black? Anything like that may have crossed your mind in the past and maybe you already know all these things. For those that don’t though, here are some random facts and trivia.

  • Halloween might be considered a children’s holiday but it is really for everyone.
  • The traditional colors for Halloween are orange and black. Black is the color that is associated with death and darkness. Orange is meant to represent the bountiful fall harvest.
  • In Ireland, there is a holiday known as Samhain. For this holiday, the Irish would hollow out turnips and put lit candles in them in order to keep the ghosts and evil spirits away. This is where modern day Jack-O-Lanterns come from.
  • When you want unique Jack-O-Lanterns, keep an eye out for pumpkins that are either green, blue or white…yes, they do grow in those colors.
  • Ancient Celts believed that ghosts and spirits roamed throughout the country on All Hallows Eve (Halloween) night. In order to keep from the ghosts and spirits from thinking that they were human, they began wearing costumes and masks.
  • Halloween first came to America by various groups of immigrants. They would celebrate the holiday by telling fortunes, dancing, singing and telling ghost stories around the bonfire. It was a way to celebrate the year’s harvest.

There are a great a many interesting facts about this treasured holiday. As far as costumes are concerned, check out the ones here and you will have your shopping done in a snap!

Halloween FAQ

As you can see, Halloween is full of fun facts. Here are some frequently asked questions I regards to Halloween, as well as some ideas for the perfect Halloween costume!

What Day is Halloween this year (2015)?

Maybe you knew some of those things and maybe not. The point is, on Saturday, October 31, 2015 Halloween will be here once again. Costumes are an important part of Halloween and you can get all of your movie and TV show inspired costumes here at

What is Halloween?

Traditional Halloween activities can include things like carving Jack-o-Lanterns, visiting haunted houses or corn mazes, attending costume parties or bonfires and even trick or treating for the kids. The Halloween tradition is believed to have been brought to the USA by Scottish and Irish immigrants back in the nineteenth century.

What should I be for Halloween?

Every year we are faced with the same question: What should I be for Halloween? We know that the day is fast approaching…as it does each year and we really shouldn't wait until the very last minute to rush out and try to find a costume that will actually work for you. The year’s top costumes tend to sell out fast.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Let’s face it, Halloween sneaks up on us every year. Yes, it is one of the most fun holidays of the year, but choosing a costume can be downright scary. Here is a great place to get your costume though and we have so many to choose from that the choice might be a difficult one to make.

Halloween Costumes

While our costume selection works for any number of costume occasions, Halloween is certainly one of them! This is a time when many of us yearn to be our favorite actor, actress or superhero. This is why TV Store Online is the perfect place to find your ideal Halloween outfit!

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time of fun and not necessarily modesty! Here we review a few options for bringing sexy back this Halloween.

Kid's Halloween Costumes

Ok so all the adult fun aside, Halloween is also for the kids (or have you already forgotten?). So despite our large selection of adult costumes, we also have a wide variety of children's costumes that in many cases go very well with adult costume counterparts.

Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween is a great tiem for the fairer sex! The TV/Movie/comic universe suffers no shortage of female icons and we have the costume selection to match! Choose from a variety of actresses, female superheroes or simply female-themed outfits!


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