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The “franchise” based on the debaucheries of a forgotten night in Las Vegas, now aims for a third installment which will actually stray from the normal formula of the first two. We’ll see if that works. Based in Los Angeles, I suppose the boys of Hangover fame will find themselves accidentally setting fire to several cars, becoming Clippers fans, starring in some porn, or worse…accidentally purchasing the Dodgers! AHHHH!

One thing we do know, as I move on forcing myself to stop listing Los Angeles-based possibilities, is that the stars of the now crazy-popular franchise are demanding more money. That sounds pretty Los Angeles-based already, doesn’t it? It makes sense, I mean the first movie they made under a million each plus backend deals. The second film was a mere five million dollar average…plus humungous backend deals. The third will be up around fifteen million each against backend. That’s a lot considering it’s damn-near an ensemble cast at this point, but if you think about Warner Brothers and their dying franchises, I’ll bet they get every penny.

Warner Brothers is losing the Harry Potter, which had like a hundred movies and made like a trillion dollars, and they’re losing BATMAN! Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Series is coming to an end with Dark Knight Rises. Holy gaping hole where solid franchises used to be Batman! So don’t be surprised to see Hangover III hitting theaters in late Spring of 2013, and don’t be surprised to see house sales popping up around the Malibu area under names like Bradley Cooper Compound, Zack Galifianakis Gardens, and Ed Helms…Home. House? Hyannis Port? Hostel? Something like that.

Don’t forget about the poor folks behind the scene who stand to finally make some decent money for a change. CAA’s Jason Heyman should be raking in some dough, since he is heading the united front of stars for the Hangover III upgrade. CAA also keeps writer and director Todd Phillips in their pocket, along with the other scribe Craig Mazin. CAA might be more responsible for Warner Brothers’ Hangover (III) than the actors. Shooting this summer in LA, I’m sure we can expect to hear snippets of funny stories cropping up, as the actors take their wild ride back to the lot, which everyone knows costs so much more….

I really do hope the movie is made -- it’s nice to look forward to a good comedy franchise for a change. The CGI escapades of most franchises start to get old.

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