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How did Dr. Seuss's Grinch Steal Christmas? - TVStoreOnline

How did Dr. Seuss’ Grinch Steal Christmas? | TV Store Online

This is one of the wonderfully enchanting Dr. Seuss books for children that has a moral. It also was the first one of his books where an adult villain was the primary character.

The Grinch was a grouchy creature who lived in a cave on Mt. Crumpit. Below him in the valley lay the village of Whoville. It is Christmas and all of the Whos in Whoville are dashing around finishing their last minute shopping and preparations. They are all happy and singing along the way.

The Grinch got tired of their noise and singing and decided that if he took all of their presents away there would be no more singing. See, he thought that Christmas was only about the presents (and herein lies the moral about the commerciality of the holiday).

On Christmas Eve night he goes down to Whoville and takes every decoration, Christmas tree, present and all of the holiday food and takes it all back up to his cave.

He waited eagerly for the Whos to wake up so that he could hear the distressed cries and lamenting of lost presents.

Imagine his surprise when what he heard was singing! He thought that if they were singing then Christmas had to be about something more than the presents after all. His shriveled up heart grew three sizes and he took Christmas back to the Whos.

The Whos forgave him and asked him to their Christmas feast and it was the Grinch that year who carved the roast beast.

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