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How Many Dr. Seuss Books Are There? - TVStoreOnline

How Many Dr. Seuss Books Are There? | TV Store Online

Many of us grew up reading the Dr. Seuss books. How many of us know how many there are though? Have you read them all? You might think that you have but while many of them were published under the Dr. Seuss pen name, Theodor Geisel also had a few other pen names.

As far as the Dr. Seuss pen name goes, have you read The Pocket Book of Boners? This one was originally published in 1931 and it is some of his earliest work. Arguably his most famous work, The Cat in the Hat wasn’t published until 27 years later.

Dr. Seuss had 49 books published during his lifetime. That is counting only the books published under the Dr. Seuss name while he was alive. He published others as Theo LeSieg and Rosetta Stone. Also, some other books of his were published posthumously under the Dr. Seuss name.

It really is amazing when you think about it. Here was a man who published all of these wonderful children’s books and they represent only 5% of his work. He was known to trash 95% of what he did if he felt that it wasn’t absolutely perfect!

Another thing that is amazing about him is that with all of the books he wrote for kids, he never had any kids of his own.

Dr. Seuss’ books are so well-known and loved that schools around the nation have a Dr. Seuss day on his birthday each year where they do Seuss themed activities and read his books.

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