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Forget about the Michael Bay Transformers movies, forget about the classic 1980s Transformers cartoon series and later movie that featured the voice of the great Orson Welles, forget about the Transformers toys, t-shirts, and other merch and goodies, and let’s get real: how would the Transformers help us to deal with the current Coronavirus pandemic?

What would the United States’ Coronavirus situation be like currently if we had a figure like Optimus Prime in the White House instead of Donald Trump? The easy answer would be that we most likely wouldn’t be in the situation that we all are right now where our health care workers don’t have proper PPE. Here’s why:

Because Prime would be able to utilize his team in a presidential way. He would allow specific Transformers to take control where needed in the pandemic. With each Transformers having a specific expertise in one way or another, whether based on what they actually transform into, or what they’ve experienced prior to coming to earth, their previous experience has the potential to make them essential voices to help during the pandemic This would force Prime into the background, making him less the face of the presidency, and more of a leader who understands when to let go of their ego to delegate responsibility. This would not only prove Prime’s maturity as a leader, but it would also allow his experts to do their respective jobs. Prime would listen to what his team had to say, take everything into consideration, and move our response in the best direction without having to worry about how much money he might make based on a minor investment he may or may not have in a big pharma company, or how he might come across in polls with the American Public. When human beings’ lives are at stake polls or dollars shouldn’t matter. Prime has always selflessly put our lives first; whether it has been when our survival has been dependent on stopping The Decepticons from taking over or any other threats, he stoic leader that Prime is, willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of our survival, he has shown us that he that truly has the stuff that real leaders need to handle something like today’s situation.

If the Transformers were around to help us during the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s what they’d most likely be doing to solve our problems that we as Americans and our health care workers are currently having to deal with while we’re all in this together.

Pick-Up and Ship PPE Equipment

With our medical professionals in desperate need of PPE equipment, from caps and gowns to face masks and ventilators, if the Transformers were here they could serve as our fleet of transport for essential PPE supplies. No longer would we need business transports or private individuals who want to donate their planes to save us; Transformers could pick up any PPE equipment from anywhere and deliver it in the blink of an eye. Not only could a team of Transformers transport PPE equipment to communities, they could drop it where it would be needed faster; this would effectively eliminate the need for anyone to risk their lives to deliver it when they should be at home observing stay-at-home orders.

Help To Build Hospitals

With the pandemic soon to reach the apex, and hospitals around the United States being overrun with COVID-19 patients, the Transformers could assist the Army Corps of Engineers in their efforts to build emergency hospitals in sporting arenas, convention centers, and city parks. With the Javits Center in New York City being converted into a temporary hospital and Cobo Hall in Detroit now a temporary hospital, think about how much faster we could build more temporary hospitals in key locations in the United States if we had the ability to transport building supplies across the country at double the speed.

Act As Emergency Response Team

Because Transformers are not able to contract the COVID-19 virus, they could act as emergency first-respondents for those in need. Instead of risking the lives of our valuable first-respondents across the country, Transformers could temporarily fill-in for them, and respond to those who are in desperate need of medical attention as a result of the Coronavirus. Additionally, not only could they act as temporary first-respondents, they could also also aid in emergency transport services. If a patient should need to be transported via Aero-Med, for example, they could instead go by Transformer.

Consumer Response and Fulfillment Assistance

With terrified Americans hoarding supplies for the last several weeks, the Transformers could aid in the collecting of raw materials for companies that manufacture toilet paper. Whether it’s collecting trees for pulp production or actually helping to speed up the delivery process for the national food supply to grocery stores within the United States, with us all worried about what we’ll have to do if we run out of toilet paper, the Transformers could probably make this less of a problem than it is currently.

Cruise Ship Issues

With cruise ships stuck on the oceans because they have passengers that have COVID-19, the Transformers could transport these passengers directly to quarantine or even possibly transport the entire cruise ship to a military base where its passengers could be put into isolation and given medical treatment by bypassing human-to-human contact.

Monitor Threats Against The United States

With North Korean’s Kim Jong-un launching test missiles every week, while the United States is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Transformers could also closely monitor the threat to America. Should North Korea decide to launch a missile or several at California, any of the Transformers could simply fly out over the Pacific Ocean and head it off.

Stop The Virus in China

With China still not able to identify the real Patient Zero in Wuhan who first got the COVID-19 virus by eating a bat or pangolin, the Transformers could use a time window or the Kronosphere to travel back in time. They could jump time and go to Wuhan and stop the COVID outbreak by either monitoring the markets where it is widely believed the virus first appeared back in December of ‘19. Or they could also stop the sale of all bats and pangolins for consumption there as well, which would give the world a better chance to avoid the COVID outbreak all together.

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