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How to be Captain America

Self described as just a boy from Brooklyn, Captain America reveals that anyone can be Captain America…while no one else can be Captain America.

Anyone can grow up with patriotism and love of country beating in his or her heart, then enlist in the military, volunteer for Operation Rebirth, and emerge as the super soldier we know has Captain America. Anyone can wear the uniform and sock Nazis in the face, and throw a metal shield at choppers, tanks, and people. That’s the beauty of the Captain America story. We can all become Captain America. Steve Rogers is born a man and experiences the same things the rest of us experience. He has a passion for justice and truth, and isn’t afraid to take these things where they are absent. Politicians, police officers, teachers, soldiers, doctors all share this passion to stop suffering, and bring light in a place of darkness. The Cap is policy maker, negotiator, law enforcer, teacher, physician, and above all, soldier. He is the embodiment of America. This is something anyone with the courage and patriotism can do.

In one sense, however, no one can be Captain America. This identity, forged under Vita Rays with Super Soldier serum coursing through muscle and bone tissue, tested through countless battles against evil, has become uniquely “Captain America”. While someone can follow in his steps, Steve Rogers is and always will be the only original Captain America. Yes, Bucky his good friend donned the Cap’s uniform for a time, as did other individuals, however, the truth remains: Captain America from his origins is a distinct, individual identity, and that is and will always be, irreplaceable. So, if you’re really set on becoming Captain America, you’re welcome to give it your best, but I wouldn’t quit my day job if I were you.

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