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Must-Have Halloween Movie Costumes and Why You Need Them

Everyone loves movies. Kids aged two to 102 fantasize about becoming a spy, falling in love or harnessing super-human powers as their favorite movie characters. Unfortunately, there aren't many opportunities to look or act like your favorite heroes without other people thinking you've gone nuts. Halloween is one of the rare occasions you can be whoever or whatever your heart desires, including the Karate Kid and R2-D2.

Why Movie Costumes Are the Best

Halloween only comes once a year, so don't let it be boring. Hundreds of witches and fairies will be out on the town, but very few will be memorable. Anyone can throw gypsy or hobo costumes together, but if you dress your two daughters as Elsa and Anna from Frozen, they'll be instantly recognizable by all their school friends and playmates. No little boy feels cooler than when he's wearing an Iron Man or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit for Halloween. Some people prefer to be villains instead of heroes. Television stations will air popular horror movies throughout the month, so by Halloween, the scariest and most easily recognizable monsters and serial killers will be fresh in everyone's mind. Halloween movie costumes can bring them even closer to life.

Halloween Isn't Just for Kids

Although most people associate Halloween costumes with candy-craving kids, some of the wildest adult costume parties take place at the end of October. A Halloween party is a perfect opportunity for grown-up movie lovers to become their favorite heroes and quirky characters. Why dress as a generic vampire when you can channel your inner Napoleon Dynamite, or rock the house in Borat's famous yellow undergarment?

Make Halloween Easier This Year

Purchasing licensed movie costumes for your kids or yourself isn't just fast and fun. It's also a practical choice; you'll find it to be much easier and more affordable than sewing your own creations. Finding the perfect movie costume is easier than you think. The TV Store online carries accurate, officially licensed movie and television costumes for kids and adults of all ages. Visit our store today, and find the Halloween movie costumes that will make you and your kids the talk of the neighborhood.

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