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Ever since people had political leaders, it has been popular to lampoon them—especially at  Halloween. During the social upheavals of the 60's and 70's, political costumes provided a little comic relief from the turmoil. Dressing up like a politician is not necessarily a statement on personal views, because both sides are fair game for the amusement.

If you want to dress up like a political figure this Halloween, you will be in good company. Costume shops keep a large variety of famous mugs. The more features a US president has to caricature, the more popular his mask will be. No one wants to explain to everybody who they are imitating. If a presidential term was especially scandalous, the masks would be instantly recognizable. So, while you will probably find a plethora of Richard Nixon masks, you would search in vain for a Calvin Coolidge likeness.

Current political figures are always a fun choice. The T rump costume has been hugely popular, even during the presidential debates. While many people will be wearing a suit and tie with their Trump mask this Halloween, you might choose something different. Consider our “Mexico Will Build The Wall” body suit. The material is designed like a white brick wall, with the catchy political slogan. It is bound to get a lot of laughs at your trick-or-treat party. One of Trump’s most caricatured feature is his ubiquitous hairstyle. The cottony comb-over is immortalized with our deluxe Trump wig. Even if you decide to wear the wig alone, your party friends will immediately get who you are. No matter which way you comb it, you will have that iconic windblown look that made The Donald’s image notoriously famous.

Trump is not the only leader with a recognizable coiffe. Halloween enthusiasts still enjoy parading around in a curled powdered wig like George Washington. Although a few of the earliest US leaders wore this classic colonial hairstyle, it is just about always contributed to a Washington spoof. Costume designers also had a lot of fun imitating Reagan’s crisp, molded haircut with the slanted hill of bangs. President Martin Van Buren had delightfully winged sideburns—but no party-goer would get it.

Do you want to make a “yuge” entrance to your Halloween party? Try our full Presidential Trump costume. You will stand out in his Republican-blue suit and flashy red tie. All you need is the voluminous wig. Get even more laughs with our Trump mask, replete with the signature bushy brows and rubbery pout. If you want to point and say “You’re fired!”, make sure you are not saying it to your boss at the company’s Halloween party.

Male leaders are not the only vestiges displayed in Halloween costume shops. Former first ladies such as Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and Michelle Obama had their fair share of look-alike masks. Many  couples have a blast at Halloween by dressing as presidents and their wives. Both sides of the political spectrum have trick-or-treat parodies.

Perhaps no first lady in history has held more roles than Hillary Clinton. She is a former senator, Secretary of State, and a recent presidential candidate. Her likeness has been the subject of many good Halloween masks over the years. Hillary impersonators often accompany Bill wanna-bees. A common nickname for this couple is “ Billary.” Costume fans adore the helmet hair and toothy grins of the Hillary masks and the over-sized reddened nose of her presidential mate.

Hillary masks have not waned in popularity this Halloween season. You may see her tight blonde bob imitated in many costume wigs, such as our top-selling version. Fix this wig over your hair, don a white pantsuit, flash an overdone smile, and you are ready to go. Do not be surprised if someone asks you where Bill is when you dress up and take your kids out for trick-or-treating. For the full effect, you might choose a great Hillary mask. It will do all the smiling for you. "Billary" is definitely an excellent choice for your political costume.

Washington officials are not the only political figures turned into Halloween costumes. Some fictional political scenes in Hollywood have also inspired dress-up aficionados. Remember the cult classic,  Napoleon Dynamite from 2004? If you are a fan, you recall the amusing dance that won the class president election for the underdog, Pedro. Wear this t-shirt replica from the movie, which simply says, “Vote For Pedro.” There will probably be a lot of movie fans at your Halloween costume party who will love the shirt—especially those who wish they could had the option to "Vote For Pedro" in last fall’s election.

For generations, Halloween has been a time to show your creative side by wearing wacky costumes. Just because you wear political costumes does not always signal that you are making a serious statement. It can be a non-offensive way to have fun and soothe some of the political tension in our nation. The whole idea is to laugh and quit taking ourselves so seriously. Enjoy yourself this Halloween, and find political costumes that makes you look like you came from the Oval Office!

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